UD Trucks

Since our foundation we have been the challenger, with the vision to provide the trucks and services the world needs today.

At UD Trucks we are going the extra mile for our customers, every single day. Ultimate dependability is our core value, our DNA. We are smart and modern in everything we do. We continuously improve performance to excel on the essentials. We work as one UD team with the UD spirit.

UD Trucks’ aim is to meet the needs of the society and the logistics industry, and be our customers’ partner of choice. We will go the extra mile to provide innovative solutions that are highly efficient, safe and sustainable to support smart logistics.


UD Trucks test CRONER



Croner is a versatile medium and heavy-duty truck platform you can rely on. Two models and a wide choice of wheelbases combine to offer up to 18 different basic configurations with additional driveline, PTO and job-specific customisation. Croner will get the job done.

UD Trucks test QUON 8L



Allowing for greater load efficiency while delivering the same great features and the same ultimate dependability as the 11-litre, the new 8-litre Quon features a GH 8 engine which is 300 kilograms lighter than the original 11-litre models. The engine has a power rating of 263 kW (357 PS), with a very impressive torque level of 1,428Nm. The emission standard is pPNLT, which is equivalent to Euro 6 levels.

UD Trucks test QUON 11L



The powerful range of 11L Quon trucks offer a unique combination of high power-to-weight ratio engines and UD’s world-class AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) the ESCOT VI. Coupled with a full safety package, the Quon delivers increased fuel economy, increased efficiency, reduced emissions and less driver fatigue without compromising on performance.