Mack Trucks

You can’t get much prouder than the bulldog standing on the front of your bonnet leading the way on iconic Australian routes. But now there’s another badge to be proud of on your Mack – the iconic ‘Australian Made’ logo.

Since the first AC landed on Australian shores in 1919, Mack has built an enviable reputation of reliability and strength. The Australian landscape is unforgiving and demanding on trucks crossing its terrain. So in 1963 when Mack Trucks Australia was founded, it started building and adapting trucks to suit Australian conditions.

This culture of continually evolving and developing Mack Trucks still exists today, resulting in the best trucks in the conventional market. Designing and engineering our Mack trucks locally means we can meet and exceed the demands of customers, focusing on application excellence, providing reliability and durability.


Mack Trucks test ANTHEM



We are Mack. This is our Anthem. With bold design, tough engineering and a highly comfortable interior, the new Mack Anthem is built for your business and designed for drivers. The new Mack Anthem challenges the expectations of aerodynamic design with a bold look that dramatically improves efficiency.

Mack Trucks test METRO LINER



Low Tare + High Productivity = Profit. One of the most popular trucks in the construction and distribution sectors, and why? Because we've designed it specifically for these jobs. If you need a rugged concrete agitator, an agile tipper or a maneuverable tanker, Metro-Liner is the truck for you. Additionally speak to your local dealer about our Application Excellence Agitator specs.

Mack Trucks test TRIDENT



Perfect for Demanding Line-Haul & Heavy Construction. Adaptable. Powerful. Good for business and Mack Trucks most versatile truck. Our biggest-selling model the Mack Trident can pull up to 131 tonnes. When we say versatile, we mean it. That’s why we offer Trident with two steering axle positions: Axle Back and Axle Forward.

Mack Trucks test SUPER LINER



Class and performance that thrives in demanding applications. The truck of choice for heavy haulage & demanding line-haul. If you’ve got to manage premium interstate line-haul, AB triple road trains, low-loader heavy-haulage or anything in between, you want a Super-Liner.

Mack Trucks test TITAN



The most powerful conventional truck in the Australian market. The Mack Titan is perfect for road train, triple and quad applications, where payload is high and the distances are demanding. The Mack Titan will make short work of severe heavy-duty and demanding-haul applications.